How to start creating a Blog

  • I know everyone come here, because we already have little or more interest in blogging, or may be you already do blogging and expert in it. yes the interest is the first and most important factor for blogging. if you have interset you are ready to put effort, spare time and take any action for blogging.

  • Select the topic you are really interested in to write a blog, the topic may be anything.

    I want to clear, what is blog before we choose a good topic for blogging.

    the blog is a website or webpage which is updated regularly by individual or by a group to share some useful and interseting contents to users.

    the purpose of blogging may be to make money or to get more readers and fan. So the blog should be updated regularly, so choose a topic accordingly, for example if you are choosing to create a blog about yourself, how many pages you can write about you may be 5?, 10?. if you are a more famous person like actor or television personality, you can write blog about you and keep posting your latest activities as post. you can get more fans visiting your blog.

    So choose a good topic to keep the blog updated regularly. topics related to travel, technology, food, current affairs, current trend etc.


  • Choose a Domail name for the blog.

    choosing a domain name related to the blog is good practice. the domain name should be shorter and catchy. since there are more than 300 million blogs in the internet. it's not easy to get the domain name with familiar words.

    The domain name is nothing but the weburl or website name for the blog. domain name is the web address for any website or blog. for example is the domain name for this blog.

    we can register and buy domain names in an yearly basis from various domain domain name providers like godaddy. once you buy the domainname, it is unique for you and others can't get the same name. so now the domain can be solely owned by you.

  • Choosing the right platform

    The website or blog is a collection of webpages, usually developed using web languages like HTML, scripting language(javascript), JQuery, CSS, JAVA, .NET, Python, PHP etc. the languages and various tools are used to design web page and to make it attractive and work properly in internet.

    But nowadays this is made easy, there are lot of tools and applictions are available to create a good and attractive blog, without writing any code. these web tools are known as platform, the few common and widely used platforms are

    • Wix
    • Blogger
    • Tumblr
    • Medium
    • Squarespace
    • Joomla
    • Ghost
    • Weebly

    so using these platforms just adding the content is enough, we can customize the design by using various themes available and can engage various features using plugins (like video gallery, Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Box)

    So now it's your choice to choose the right platform to start designing the blog.

  • Hosting the blog

    After creating the blog ready, we have to host the blog in the internet. Hosting is the process of uploading our webpages in the internet server so users can access our blog from anywhere through internet using the domain name or web address.

    There are lot of web hosting service providers, we can choose the right one for us to host the blog. below are the few commonly avialable hosting service providers.

    • BluehosHost
    • Hostgator
    • siteground
    • Inmotion hosting
    • A2 Hosting
    • A Small Orange
    • Site5 Hosting
    • GreenGeeks
    • HostPapa
    • DreamHost
    • Godaddy

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